Small Group Questions – Sept 17, 2017

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Why Church? Living the Kingdom Together
Forgiveness Matters



What are your hopes for your small group experience this year?

What attribute or character trait do you most want to be known for? What is the opposite attribute or character trait that you would not want to be known for?

Note: Identifying one will help you identify the other. Think outside of your the relational roles that we all hope to be good at, i.e. mom, grandparent etc. 


EXPECTATIONS–honoring each other and our time together as a group

Leader: Print the Small Group Agreement from this week’s Leader Notes.

Group: To set you up for a successful year of study and sharing, review the Small Group Agreement aloud. Your signature on the form reflects a commitment to honor the small group expectations with one another.



Read Matthew 18:21-35 aloud. What challenges or encourages you about Jesus in this passage? What does this passage reveal to you about what God is like?

Based on the first servants understanding and experience of forgiveness, what do you think he is known for? What could have been his story of grace?

How could our experience of forgiveness and grace become our story of faith to others? What is your story of forgiveness?

Read Colossians 3:12-14. When we are “living the kingdom,” what will forgiveness look like? How are we to treat one another so that our life together points to God’s lavish generosity?

Which of The Five Languages of Apology do you resonate with? Why?

What does it mean to forgive from “the heart” (vs 35)? What impact does this kind of forgiveness have on the one forgiven? On the one forgiving?



Spiritual Practices help us create time and space to quiet our thinking and talking to open our hearts to what God would desire to say to us. It is a time to reflect on what you have noticed in Scripture from this week’s discussion to let your life be shaped by what you’ve learned. Opening: Take a moment of silence.Individual Reflection:

What is it about asking for forgiveness or extending forgiveness that you find difficult?

When have you felt truly forgiven?

Complete this sentence as your prayer: Lord, help me . . .


CHALLENGE–this week at home.

Reflect on this week’s passage (Matthew 18:21-35) using the Daily Readings in our SBPC Mobile App.



Close by reading this prayer together

God of mercy and grace, open my heart to accept your forgiveness. Soften my heart to forgive others. Help each of us practice your way of forgiveness this week. Amen

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